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SB Coaching & Fitness
SB Coaching & Fitness
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Sean Barber

Over 10 years' experience in various disciplines:

strength & conditioning, fitness, & bodybuilding/body transformation

Aspiring strongman competitor - training to compete at a regional level

Qualified Certified Lv2 Gym Instructor & Lv3 Personal Trainer

Personal Goal: To compete at a regional level in the sport of 'Strongman'. 

My passion for fitness and training started when I was a teenager. Growing up, I had a slim build whilst body fat was still a little on the high side. I took the decision to start weightlifting, with the goal of building body confidence and self-esteem.

Over the last 10 years, I have continued to set myself fitness goals and pushed myself

to change my physique.


My goal as a trainer is to work with you to build a stronger version of yourself.

You can expect a personal 1-2-1 service, that’s educational and informative.

We’ll work together to form new habits and make fitness part of your everyday routine,

rather than a chore where motivation is driven by guilt.

Working with me will be much more than just a weekly check-in or workout.

To keep accountability, I encourage clients to engage throughout the week, 

give feedback on their sessions and nutrition.

My aim is to help my clients achieve their goals.

SB Coaching and Fitness services cover the Kent area, however, I train clients virtually across the country. 

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Personal Training

Coaching to reach your goals, more than just an intense workout

  • Video analysis on performance training:

    • identify sticking points, working through muscle imbalances & improving technical aspects of strength training

  • Pre-recorded introduction to your plan upon sign-up

    • weekly check-ins, fully explained personalised workout plans & diet plan (anytime support)

  • Adaptive programming to meet your needs - adjusting training & diet plans to ensure they work for you

  • E-library & tutorials available upon request to show proper form and highlight common mistakes

  • General advice for helping to stay on track and stay motivated. If I can't answer your question straight away, leave it with me and I'll get back to you!

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1-2-1 Online training

Online Coaching Package


  • Personalised Training Plan

  • Personalised Diet Plan & Food Library

  • Video Analysis & Coaching of Training:

    • form correction, technique advice & lifting cue's & tips

  • Anytime Email & IM Support

  • Video Library of Exercises & Recovery Stretches (available on request)

  • Weekly/Bi-weekly Check-ins

  • Suitable Coaching for all:

    • Beginners to Advanced levels

  • x1 Free PT Session per month for Local Clients (or x2 free virtual circuit-based sessions per month)

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Nutrition Plans

Weight-loss/gain &Nutrition


Meal Plans simplified

  • Dieting doesn't need to be difficult, easy to apply tips and tricks to support weight loss/gain

  • Guidance for Maintenance/ Cutting/Bulking calorie intake calculations using basal metabolic rate

  • No generic (fit-for-all) diet plans - we start with a food diary recall and design a meal plan that will work for you to meet your goals

Weight loss & weight gain is simple... Looking to lose weight we design a plan that puts you in a


Looking to gain weight then we put you in a CALORIE SURPLUS


(It really is that simple)

"Working towards a stronger you! 

Educating, coaching and supporting clients to achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals."

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