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Menopause Food Health

Ensuring that we get the right vitamins and minerals into our diet, can help rebalance

our hormones which can help to reduce some menopause symptoms that we experience through perimenopause right through to post-menopause. 


For some women, this can cause debilitating symptoms which means they feel that they

can no longer carry on as they did before, both in their home and work life.  


Being aware and familiar with what vitamins and minerals are in what foods, knowing how they can boost certain areas of our bodies, can help to alleviate some of these symptoms. They boost our overall immune system, increase energy levels, decrease the risk of some cancers and osteoporosis, boost body confidence and improve overall well-being.

Diet & Nutrition

Why is it important


As a Diet and Nutritional Advisor,

the 3 essential areas I focus on are lifestyle, food preferences and goals/expectations.

It is essential that I give my clients the right tools to achieve success.


One of the most successful tools

used is guidance and structure on meal planning to suit you and your needs. 


Your goal can be to lose weight,

boost your immune system,

or to ensure that you are equipping your body with the correct vitamins

and minerals to improve

hormone balancing and healing.

Making Fruit Salad
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Initial Consultation

During this first stage, we will

discuss the following

  • Short and long term goal setting


  • Nutrition Analysis (key information on current eating habits and lifestyle choices) 

  • Food preferences, supplements or medications that are currently being taken, any allergies or intolerances, what you like to cook, any food binges or cravings and when they occur and individual nutrition-related goals

  • Food Diary which will include what you eat presently, at what times and serving sizes

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​The second stage will focus on how to achieve your goals

  • Action Steps that will need to be taken which will include a personal consultation to offer guidance and structure and ensure the right strategy is implemented for you to get faster results, to achieve your goals which will give you a better quality of life 

  • Meal planning will include  food allergies, general food preferences, the time you spend cooking, preference’s in regards to food preparations, cultural food preferences and finally health goals 

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After Care 

This will include

  • Monitoring as this is an important part of nutrition coaching.  This helps you stay on target, goals are being met and a time where intervention strategies are needed to be implemented 

  • During this process, we will assess progress, supervise any implementation and document critical milestones or address any issues that may arise 

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Advice on
Personalised Meal Planning
Book your Free Discovery Call with Charlene today to find out more. 

With the above stages, you will have the opportunity for a Q&A with our resident professional Chef 


Please note; all plans follow the professional standards of the ‘Code of Ethics for the Nutrition and Dietetics Profession’ 


Due to the current Covid restrictions, these will happen via phone consultations, email and Online consultations

(ZOOM, GoogleMeet, SKYPE) 

Cooking Class
The Menopause Kitchen 
Coming Soon
An opportunity to get together with likeminded women to talk about the menopause and to share top tips.
To learn how nutrition plays a big part in alleviating some of the symptoms.
You have an invite into the kitchen to see how our resident chef prepares and cooks recipes that consist of the right vitamins and minerals to help reduce menopause symptoms and to ask any questions during the cooking process. 
You will also have the opportunity for a 'cookalong' where we will let you know in advance what ingredients you need to enable to prepare your dish alongside our chef.

Keep an eye out for our 
'Menopause Kitchen'  recipe book being released this year! 
SB Recipes
Professional Resident Chef
Sean Barber

My love of food began at catering college in Broadstairs where I studied for my catering qualifications.  I now have over 35 years' experience in the food and catering industry. 

 During my career, I have also taught in areas of management, food safety, marketing, training and coaching.


For the past 5 years, I have been Chef/Patron of Charlie's Bistro in Kent.  I have attended various courses to expand my knowledge, most recently at the

'Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons' where I completed a fish and shellfish course.


My aim is to create new and exciting menus using a variety of fresh and everyday ingredients you can find at home. 

I believe that good healthy food needn't be complicated or expensive.


I will be providing quick and simple recipes which will ensure you receive all the vital vitamins and minerals which are essential in boosting health but not compromising

taste and quality.


I will be available for Q&A session where I will answer any question you may have

as well as share kitchen hacks and tips.


Keep an eye out for my 'Recipe of the Month'.

of the Month 

Our menus are available for you to view, download and print in PDF format. 

Please feel free to scroll through our delicious recipes and try one today. 

We would love to know how you get on and to share your creations with us on our Facebook Community Page.

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