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About CVB Balanced Health 

We at CVB Balanced Health help to support our lovely clients to implement and sustain positive changes to achieving their personal health and wellness goals.  We believe that there are strong links between diet, exercise and mind which you can re-balance

to bring good health to your life.  


Here at CVB Balanced Health, we help you to build confidence both physically and mentally for women going through the menopause and beyond.

Waterside Women
Women's Health & Menopause 

As oestrogen declines, women start to go through perimenopause, menopause or surgical menopause.


Symptoms start to spike at various times and can be distressing for some women. This can include hot flushes, itchy skin, urinary incontinence, vaginal atrophy, insomnia (to name but a few!)

or make you feel you are actually losing your mind. 


However, help is on hand.

To know that you have choices in terms of supplements, remedies, medication, alternative therapies and how exercise and diet can play a major part in improving symptoms can be reassuring.  

You are not alone in what and how you are feeling.

We share various support mechanisms here at CVB Balanced Health including top tips on how to survive your menopause without losing YOU in the process.

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Vision Statement


My goal as a Health and Wellness Coach is to inspire and educate others to make life choices which will help improve their body, mind and soul.  

To empower women to take back control during midlife and menopause, to build body confidence and to offer a safe space with other like-minded women to share their goals and to give them the support to achieve them.


"Thanks so much for your sessions and support. This is first thing I’ve stuck to for a long time"


"Never thought I would feel like me again after starting the Menopause until I met Charlie.  The support I received in putting a meal plan together, followed by the classes got me back on track again.  The regular check-ins also made me feel that I was not alone on this journey. I have started to feel like the old me again, actually a new improved me!"


 "Knowing that I am not on this journey alone is incredibly important.  The sharing of the tips about how to care for our poor battered bodies is fantastic" 


"For someone who is overweight and struggling with my brain fog, balance and hormone overload, I was worried I wouldn’t keep up! But I would 100% recommend this class! The chat at the starts makes you realise you are not alone, you are amongst friends and others going through the same thing.

Charlie, you made me feel myself for the first time in ages and for that I can’t thank you enough! I will be back next week and can’t wait! Your patience and understanding is

second to none! Thank you!"



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